2017 Top Five Trends in Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Services in Northern Virginia by RQue Royal Design

Top Five Trends in Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Services in Northern Virginia by RQue Royal Design

Digital and social media marketing have proven our effective marketing strategies in the past few years and this year, we are sure that your company will shine brighter using different strategies with it. To help you with your plans and ideas, we have gathered our top five trends that will transform your digital marketing strategies into the next level.

Contest and Promotions. RQue Royal Design Facebook Services

If you want to increase your social media following and traffic, you can have different social media contests and promotions. If you’ve been using Instagram and Facebook, you already know this trend and if not, start your 2017 and try creating some for your business and personal pages. Aside from growing your social media following, these can also give you more traffic if you put it on your website as it can attract more customers. Build a start-up using contest and promotions to promote your brand and gain customer engagement.

Twitter ImagesTwitter Services by RQue Royal Design

We all know that Twitter has limited characters in posts. Sometimes, you can no longer explain further about your topic and everything about it. So what’s the best solution? Images, of course! You may have limited words but always remember that a photo tells about it all. Make sure that you provide high-quality images for your twitter posts. Take time to go out and take some for original content or you may also use some stock photos but you have to give credits.

Keeping an eye of your competitors.RQue Royal Design Research Services

You should always learn new strategies and be aware of what’s new in terms of digital marketing. Your competitors might be doing the same so be a curious observer. Find out the best time they post, the ways they post and how they post their content.  Call us for a free analysis at 571.482.9758 or email us at info@rqueroyaldesign.com

Consistency is the key. RQue Royal Design Services

Whether your goal is to increase the number of subscribers on your social media accounts or you want more engagement, the best kept secret last year was to be consistent in posting high-quality content. It will always be the key to getting all the traffic that you wanted for your website or business pages. People will no longer go back to your page if they see that it’s taking you so long to update it. Soalways have something to share.

RQue Royal Design Ads Services

Learn more about ads.  

When we say ads, it’s not all about the radio ads and TV ads that we often hear and see. Now is 2017 and you should be familiar with how Facebook ads work. If you got no idea on how these ads work, today is the best time to have a try. It’s all about for the goodness and benefits of your business. You may have to spend a little for these ads, but you never know how big it can bring to the online presence of your business.

So these are the top five digital marketing trends that you should keep in mind this 2017. These are just a few of the trends that you have to learn in order for your business to maintain or grow more sales and customer engagement. In need of help about social media marketing and website designs? Check out our RQue Royal Design for more!

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