Top 5 Common Email Marketing Mistakes and How to Fix It

Email Marketing Services in Virginia

Email Marketing Services in Virginia


Top 5 Common Email Marketing Mistakes and How to Fix It

Email marketing is a common type of marketing strategy that huge corporations and small businesses use to boost their online sales and presence. While it may be common these days, not all businesses and establishments have the ability to do it perfectly. If the business is newly opened and the owner or management has no experience in doing email marketing, but they want to give it a try, chances are they will make the common mistakes in email marketing. There are many ways on how to create the best email marketing campaign. All you have to do it research, read and execute it. To help you avoid mistakes for in creating your email marketing campaign, here are the top five common mistakes and the tips and ideas on how you can fix it.

1. Not asking for options

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This can be one of the most effective ways of growing your mailing list and gain more subscribers, but if you’re not giving them options the tendency is you’ll lose them. Options will be associated with whatever products and services you have. Let’s say you have an e-commerce business, make sure that you let your customers choose the updates that they want to receive. Do not just stick to whatever you want to send them. Giving options mean you care about their wants and needs.


 2. Writing too many ideas on your content.

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If you’re doing this, your content will complicate things and confuse your subscribers. Try to focus on one idea and expand your content about it. Make interesting as if you’re talking directly to your subscribers while thinking about their needs and how you can relate it to the ideas that you’re writing.

3. You forget to send a follow-up.

Effective Follow Up System

If you’re thinking that your job will end once you sent an email to your subscribers, you’re wrong. Sending something which encourage them to buy and subscribe to something is not good. Sometimes, customers will not buy or get anything from your website by simply visiting it once. It is your job to do follow-ups. You can do different ways on how to follow-up like surveys, recommendations and reminding them about abandoned shopping carts.



4. Not creating effective call to actions.

Call To Actions

Call-to-actions are the effective way to interact with your subscribers and turn them into leads or sales. If you’re not creating the effective call-to-actions, your content will be useless. Keep it simple and know where to place them. These call-to-actions are usually located after the first paragraph of the content, on the middle and at the end. Know where to place yours appropriately.



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5. You create complicated and long headlines.

Headlines should be simple and catchy. It is the part that will make your subscribers open and read the content that you have written. If you write it the wrong way, your email will just be put in the trash without even reading what you’ve written. Think about the time, effort and hard work that you’ve gone through. In order to fix this, let’s say we ask you something about your company or your current sales promotion answer it not more than fifteen seconds. Keep it short, simple and interesting to read.


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